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Welcome toRoboMobileCell Phone and Tablet Repair

Featured Service
iPhone Unlocking Sim

  • Easy to Use

    Unlock your iPhone without the high cost of Server based services. Just pop the Unlocking Sim under your desired sim card and insert it into your phone!
  • Cost Savings

    Cheaper than having to permanently unlock your phone, which usually runs over $95 and up.
  • Fast and Easy

    Unlocks your phone within 30 seconds, no programming needed and ABSOLUTELY no jailbreak needed!
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Have a botched DIY repair? Maybe your having issues with your iPhone and no other store can solve it?

Blacklist Solutions

We can help you with your blacklisted iPhone or Android phone by using the newest available IMEI based solutions to get you going on your phone again!

Solder Work

As a Level 3 Repair Center you can trust us with any board level repair. We can solder charging ports, microprocessors, capacitors and resistors on any board!

Carrier Unlock

Have a phone you want to carry over to another carrier? Let us unlock it for you so you can use it with your favorite carrier!

T-Mobile IMEI Services
Have an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy from T-Mobile currently on the blacklist? Let us help you clean it!
T-Mobile Phone Unlocking
Unlock your T-Mobile device from your carrier and take it to your favorite carrier!
Galaxy Glass Only Repair
Repair your Samsung Galaxy Glass instead of replacing your entire LCD assembly, this saves you money by not having to replace the LCD and only refurbishing your unit!